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12. January 2017

New kind of Glossy massage

Because that many of you felt that we're for all kinds of fun, we'd like to encourage all our shy clients with special fantasies to tell us about them. This massage is not just for submissive types. We will be happy to go with you through anything non standard, weird or crazy - within terms of our rules.
I hope that some of our brave clients wont be mad at me for listing couple of examples, becouse only they will recognize their special fantasy :)
We can prepare you different kinds of baths - have a craving for milky bath? Or maybe you prefer beer! Or how about a bathtub filled with shaving cream? There are no limits to your imagination, we're sure of it! Is there a crazy scenario in your head, almost like a play from theatre? Or you feel like wearing something special before the massage to get yourself in the mood? Do you get turned on by things that have nothing in common with sex toys? Or simply anything? Ask away! And we are sure looking forward to hear about your ideas.
I am aware that there are some of you just rubbing their forehead and questioning our mental health right now :) And I usure you that we are more or less completely normal. What we love is to differ from stereotypes and many questions about something special open a way for us.
Overcome your shy self and fear not to ask us anything by private message on profile of masseusse you've chosen. At this moment there are three of our masseusses that stand out in this matter - Ester, Natálka and Alisa. Be sure that these girls wont freak out about anything :) They also came up with the gallery that shows you small fragment of possibilities that Glossy massage brings.

4th. January 2018

Happy New Year!

With a small delay we wish to all our faithful, unfaithful and potencional customers that new year brings you what you crave for. We hope you will be happy, healthy and that you will visit our saloon more for fun and inspiration, than becouse of painful back smile

Štastný nový rok! - Erotické masáže Hanka









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