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Age: 24
Height: 178
Dress size: 85D
Piercing/tattoo: Ne/Ne

My experience

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  • Kurz sportovní a regenerační masáže
  • Masírujem od roku 2019

What can you expect from me?

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What do I like?

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Radost mi urobí tvoja spokojnost po masáži, kvety čokoláda, erotické hračky

What they wrote about me:

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Sarah je, česky řečeno, kus krásné ženské. Milovníci hubených věšáků na šaty si na své nepřijdou, já byl naopak nadšený. Ve vaně a potom na pokoji se v Sarah snoubil anděl i ďábel, ty dvě hodiny byly opravdu málo a chce to přijít znovu. Salon Hanka je zkrátka a dobře první mezi salony v Praze a pokud bude přijímat takové poklady jako je Sarah, bude to jen a jen dobře.

I'm here for Men Women Couples
My services Foot job Prostate massage Lesbishow
Sauna Bath Nuru massage
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Erotic relaxing full body massage

The masseuse is topless, in panties or completely nude. Would you like a strip show, autoerotic show, lesbian show or prostate massage? All depends on the agreement with your masseuse… The massage is ended with a hand job or mutual fondling.

1 Masseuse 2 Masseuses
30 min 1 100 CZK 2 200 CZK
60 min 1 800 CZK 3 600 CZK
90 min 2 300 CZK 4 600 CZK
120 min 3 300 CZK 6 000 CZK
180 min 6 000 CZK 9 000 CZK

Want you try to something more? Look below... :)

Bath or sauna during the massage

If you wish to liven up your massage with shared baths or sauna, please, tell us about it when making an appointment.

+500 CZK  to the massage price. Regardless of its length or kind.

Masáž s čajovým rituálem a vodní dýmkou

K objednané masáži pro Vás bude připraven "uvítací rituál" v podobě uvolňujícího posezení/poležení :) s Vaši masérkou u výborného sypaného čaje nebo vodní dýmky. Výběr z několika druhů čajů a tabáků.

+200 CZK  Čajový rituál
+200 CZK  Vodní dýmka k masáži
+300 CZK  Čaj + vodní dýmka

Glossy massage

Is everything offered too normal for you? Do you slightly incline to the extremes, or you don't know yet, but would like to try? Here, everything goes that does not violate our rules. Even if it doesn’t fit to our standards. Or does it? It doesn't matter. It is for those who just like all glossy, skin-tight or otherwise special things, that can be called by one word - fetish.

The massage is performed on latex / vinyl bed sheet. The lady is usually dressed thematically. Do you wish to bring something on with you? Anything! Nuru massage gel is 100 % gentle to all materials. However, there will be wet during the massage!

A room equipped with handcuffs, really hot massage candles and all our pleasant „torture aids“ will be available for you. Again, it’s up to you which one you would like to try.

Do you need a rougher treatment, or maybe experience something in SM style? Even this can be part of the massage. Basically, we can offer silent practices that will not disturb other clients. It is necessary to speak on specific possibilities with your masseuse in advance. If you feel like being a dominant one, there is a fundamental rule - you are the one who performs the massage on the masseuse!

Forget shyness. We have included this massage at the request of our clients. Some masseuses, however, supported the idea as they enjoy or are interested in this kind of extreme fun. So there is no need to feel ashamed of your ideas and desires. Feel free to tell about them.

1 Masseuse 2 Masseuses
90 min 3 700 CZK 6 000 CZK
120 min 4 700 CZK 7 400 CZK
180 min 7 400 CZK 10 400 CZK

This procedure is offered by Natálka

Sensual stimulation

Do you love erotic massages and cannot imagine the whole experience could be even more intense? Try our new variant of erotic massage, whose name speaks for itself.

It is generally known that when one sense is limited, the other senses heighten. It depends on your courage to be blindfolded or hand tied during the intimate massage. We also get some „toys“ that will drive your senses completely crazy. They can unbearably beautifully stroke, gently scratch or even make you really hot. For example, I can name a massage candle that is an absolute novelty in our offer. All of the above will be available. You will speak on the details with a lady before the massage session.

Even our unfamiliar mysterious masseuse can encourage your senses. So let your imagination run wild and combine as you wish.

1 Masseuse 2 Masseuses
60 min 2 000 CZK 3 800 CZK
90 min 2 500 CZK 4 800 CZK
120 min 3 500 CZK 6 200 CZK
180 min 6 200 CZK 9 200 CZK

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