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When you would rather not take an erotic massage….

Health problems::

  • If you have a fever, tonsillitis, flu, any kind of inflammation, take an erotic massage, in you own interest, at least a week after illness.
  • If you have blood pressure problems, diabetes, epilepsy, please, tell your masseuse about it.
  • Unidentified skin abnormalities. If you have an unfamiliar rush, be considerate and do not carry it here. This prevents you from an embarrassing situation of being rejected by the masseuse.
  • Cancer. People with cancer should consult a doctor. The massage is definitely inappropriate. However, we are willing to improvise. The intense massage could be compensated with tender touches and petting. Your masseuse should definitely know about it.
  • Pregnancy….it doesn’t apply to 99,9 % of our visitors. I could not help it though.

Moral limits:

  • Drunken visitors will be sent home.
  • Those gentlemen who take our rules as a challenge to their violation will be also asked to leave.

The process of Erotic massage

To enjoy our erotic massage, it is necessary to make an appointment. You can call one of our phone numbers or do it online, in case you are a client...

Why to try our Erotic massage?

We provide professional massages with added value. Our cozy massage rooms and very stylish and lovely ladies ensure an exceptional quality experience.

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