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We pamper our clients in four comfortably furnished massage rooms dominated by a large futon.

We have 3 bathrooms available. One of them has a bathtub which can be booked in advance so you can take very relaxing hot bath with the masseuse before the massage. Of course, you don't need to book the other two bathrooms. If you’re interested in showering together, the shower is available! Our clients often praise our relatively small shower cabin. It’s up to you whether you will regret not being able to dance there, or, on the contrary, appreciate the fact you have to snuggle against the masseuse's body.

One of the massage rooms is equipped with an infrared sauna for three people.

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When you would rather not take an erotic massage….

The process of Erotic massage

To enjoy our erotic massage, it is necessary to make an appointment. You can call one of our phone numbers or do it online, in case you are a client...

The process of Nuru massage

NURU word comes from Japanese and means slippery, slimy. It is the main feature of the special NURU gel produced from seaweed in Japan.

Why to try our Erotic massage?

We provide professional massages with added value. Our cozy massage rooms and very stylish and lovely ladies ensure an exceptional quality experience.

Prostate massage

Druh masáže, opředený zvláštní atmosferou. Moc se o ní nemluví a případná chuť masáž prostaty vyzkoušet, je ...

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